Zach and his archenemy Squeeze Butter!

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Zach can be a handful and a half some days, and pushing him even through meltdowns has become a major goal of mine. Today he got up on his own, came in and played on my iPhone in bed with me letting me catch-up on my mail and watch the newest episode of pawn stars.  We got up, he went to make his breakfast bagel and he decided he did not want to butter it. This is a regular occurrence. So I pull out his archenemy the dreaded Squeeze butter.

Sorry Parkay it is not your fault he hates you

Sorry Parkay it is not your fault he hates you







He hates squeeze butter with a passion reserved for shots and taking his favorite toy away.

I am a horrible person. I KNOW this and I still keep an empty bottle of the stuff in the fridge (please do not tell him it is empty) just to make him make his own bagels . See I have a gluten allergy so I try very hard to avoid touching anything with gluten in it. So when he decided he wants a bagel without all the work out comes the squeeze butter and the melt down. However, taking the butter near the bagel gets the response I want. He grabs the butter knife and starts to defend his precious bagel, by buttering it.

Works every single time.

We work through the meltdown. I get what I want, he gets what he wants (even if he has to do the work).

Now if I could just get him to pick up his clothes off the floor.. Who am I kidding.. I know grown men who still do not do that.


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