Where our Autism journey started.

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I have been blessed with Zach, he is my youngest and he has Autism. Before Zach came along I had no idea what Autism was!  Along came Zach, he was my 4th little one. From the beginning (well after I woke from the haze of child birth) something was different about him.

When he was born before they took him away I asked them to not give him vaccines.

I know this is not a proven reason for kids to have autism but I also know that you can be allergic to them. No matter what the doctors tell you and we have allergy issues in my house so I asked to delay them intending to do them at a later date.

Anyway for whatever reason my request was ignored and he got those 1st shots.

That said; from the moment I held him the 1st time I knew something was different. Before I left the hospital I told his doctor and mine something was not right.As per my experience,  they both said, it is nothing, do not worry about it,  your just imagining things.  The nurses told me it was new mother worries (again this is my 4th kid, really?)  I stupidly didn’t pursue this.  I said maybe they are right all kids are different, he will just be a little different than the other boys.

Little did I know how right I was. I never have seen a baby that did not like being held; or comforted; he would only calm when you put him down, or in his swing. He did not even like to be held while he was fed.

So, a little pushing a little extra crying when I could have put him down, and we worked things out. Managed to get him to tolerate being touched for more than diaper changes, he liked being held and rocked, we even got him to like tickles! His 1st birthday comes and goes still no real speech. None of the normal babble he was really quiet. 18 month we got some babble but all my other boys talked by now;  at least a few good words.  2 years now he has a couple words he can ask for food. Mom, Dad, and his brothers names. We still had issues with things he should be able to say, ask for a bottle, or juice, or food. One day it will all be great he can say anything he wants get his point across no problemo. The next he will remember 1 word maybe 2 then all the rest were just gone. It was nuts. I had no idea what to do so I just kept pushing him, teaching it over and over. At age 3 we started looking for a cause. (yes I am dense).  At 4 we had enough of doctors telling us nothing is wrong, just give him time he will talk. He had a 10-20 word vocabulary. Again I knew better I knew this was not right.

Sometimes he would only respond if you yelled or mad very loud noises. (another obvious sign of autism not that I knew that) So we had his hearing checked, under sedation. This doctor is different, she does not tell me nothing is wrong. here I am sitting in the childrens hospital crying grateful his hearing is okay, but still we can not find a reason he is the way he is.  She asked why I was crying, I told her. She sat next to me and said “I think your son has Autism.”

So began our journey.

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