Minion Monday -Clothing Optional

Welcome to Minion Monday – Clothing Optional

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Welcome to Minion Monday – Clothing Optional

If you are an Autism parent you probably already know this, kids on the spectrum seem to believe that clothing is an option.

It doesn’t matter if they are home, at school, in a store, at therapy, at the zoo, or standing next to the town busybody.

Often to them clothes are not only not necessary, that are bothersome, frustrating and down right annoying!

As you may or may not know, autism often comes with a whole host of sensory issues.
Including clothing.

I am now going to channel Dr. Seuss

I am no Dr Seuss Clothing optional from

I am no Dr Seuss

Okay I am done torturing you.
You get the idea.

Like many things in autism it can be a sensory nightmare.
If you have a scratchy tag you cut it off, often our kid’s can’t tell you it is bugging them, they just strip.
Even a seam in their sock, or on their pants, or even a shoulder seam can bug them!
It might fit great but have one little spot where it is too loose, or too tight and without words we might never know.
I have an amazing friend Bob’s mom, she recently did a post on why her son needs to take off his shoes.
He has the words to tell her and that is just AMAZING!

Sadly not all our kids find the words to tell us what happens, so when you are going through a tough time or your little one seems to need to be naked, consider it might be more than just a desire to moon the world.

You have to play detective again, find the things your child likes and finds comfortable and go with that.
In addition to the comfort thing the look can be an issue.
For a while we had to exclude clothing that had characters on them (If it was on tv it stayed on tv, or on the computer, or in a book it could not be on his clothing. The Thomas the Tank Engine undies were a big flop. I guess he feared peeing on Thomas.)

Once we figured out what his needs were we would buy things in multiples, 2 of each size from his and a couple larger.
So as he grows he will have those needs continually met without the need to search and shop again.
(I hate shopping)

My son will never want the latest jeans, or the trendy shirts or the expensive shoes everyone else just has to have.
He is happy with soft shirts, stretchy pants and shorts. Shoes that are easy to wear and not confining but not open.
In other words he dresses like ME!
I am good with that.

Minion Monday -Clothing Optional

Minion Monday -Clothing Optional From

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