Should I be worried or accept the blessing?

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I follow quite a few blogs of other Moms of autistic kids. They all have one really strong theme. Their kids do not sleep.

Some days I wonder if their kids EVER sleep. It is actually kind of disconcerting. Here I have a sweet adorable amazing little boy with autism, but he sleeps. He didn’t always but he really has never been as bad at  sleeping as most of the other Moms say their kids are. No getting up at 4 am unless he is stressed out. No waking multiple times a night. In fact he actually, with the help of a very small dose of Melatonin, sleeps ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT. In fact normally I actually have to wake him in the morning!

I think most of those moms would either hate me or call me a liar. Really he does sleep. There are a few things. He gets his melatonin about 8 hours before I want him to get up. We homeschool, so mornings are not spent rushing around getting ready. I do not put him to bed at 8 pm. I do not expect him to sleep more than 8 hours from when I put him to bed. Also, he has a television in his room and shares the room with his brother Robby (this is Robbys choice he was offered his own room and asks to stay with Zach to help watch out for him).

I am going to go with I am blessed.

Then again I say that pretty much every single day.

What does the Zach say

What does the Zach say










What does Zach say? “I almost done!” (about the game he was playing after sneaking my phone away.)


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