New Kids on the block saved my Life a guest post from Marla of One small voice

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This letter is to all The New Kids On The Block and was written by my friend Marla who is an adult on the spectrum One small voice is her blog. 

Her hope with this is to remind others they are stronger than they think, and she hopes The New Kids On The Block see this and maybe realize their kind words and reaching out with a letter to a fan saved a life.

On a personal note I am glad she stuck around and didn’t give up on life, I would never have had the chance to meet her and my life is better for knowing her. 


Dear New Kids On The Block,

I doubt you will read this, but it’s worth a shot. I need to start this by saying thank you, it is because of the influence of nkotb and your music that I am alive.

To begin at the beginning, I was born December 24, 1969. From the moment I was born, my mom, who already had 3 kids felt there was something wrong with me. When I was minutes old I stopped  breathing, and they learned later on that caused neurological damage. Anyway, that’snot what is important, you are a busy guy. When I was I think 3 years old I was diagnosed  with mild cerebral palsy and mild retardation.  Even though the doctors said I was not retarded, they just needed to give me the diagnosis to get me the services I needed.

In school I was pretty smart, but awkward and usually alone. I got called the r word and hated it. By high school I hated the person I was.

In about November of ‘84 a pen pal of mine sent me a tape of your music, for the first time in my life I was not alone in the world and I felt your music could get me through whatever life threw at me.

Not long after she sent me the tape of your first album and a picture of the group. That first moment that I saw Jonathan, that was it. I felt this was someone who would understand me. I wrote Jon for the first time that night and many many more letters over the years.

In about February of ‘85 I was being bullied very badly in school, every day. I asked to change schools but was afraid to tell my parents and the dean why. One day I had enough, when I got off the bus even though it was snowing, I decided I was going to freeze myself to death.

I went straight to my room, put on shorts and a tee shirt and opened my window.

After a while, someone slipped an envelope under my door. It was from the fan club which I thought was weird. It was a card with mickey mouse on it and it read.

Dear Marla,

Thank you for your letters, birthday and Christmas gifts. I liked the hat you knitted me a lot, anyone can buy a hat but you made it from your heart. I am sorry you have such a rough time at school, I wish I could stick up for you. But, you are really strong and you have got this.



If he actually wrote it I don’t really know, but those words saved me.

I broke down and cried and told my mom what was happening.

After, I felt if Jon thinks I am strong enough to do this then I will be. I spoke up to bullies after that and they stopped. I made it through that storm and many others in my life because of you and your music.

Thank you Donnie, Jon, really all of the New Kids on The Block.

You saved my life that day.

I love you. Marla.

If you want to learn more about Marla you can find her on Facebook at One small voice

Her hope with this is to 1st remind others they are stronger than they think and 2nd she hopes The New Kids On The Block see this and maybe realize their kind words and reaching out with a letter to a fan saved a life.

The author Marla, sent a version of this to Donnie via Facebook.  This was edited by me for spelling and grammar but not content and the author approved the changes.


@jongirl1985 is Marla


@nkotb @JonathanRKnight @DonnieWahlberg @joeymcintyre @jordanknight @dannywood @JennyMcCarthy


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