It really was rocket science

Minion Monday

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Minion Monday, and it really is rocket science!

I want to start something, on Mondays I want to share a minion with you all. Why? I love minions! Because they are small, cute, lovable, and “some of the best things in the world are yellow”(*see note)

I pick this minion this week because of a conversation my two youngest boys had last night.

It went something like this..

Our normal bedtime routine is Zach sits near me and I watch tv, he watches YouTube videos or plays a game on his iPad or my phone. He pretty much ignores what is going on around him. Sometimes his older brother Rob, come and sits with us, he usually reads but Sunday is Mythbusters night, so he watches tv with me then.

Anyway, Mythbusters was on, and it was one where they were actually building rockets.

Rob is adoring it, (as usual) and turns to Zach and said “Look Zach the are making a rocket ship”
Zach said “Pttt” 
Robby replied “That’s no way to treat science!”

I fell over I was laughing so hard.

It was funny, not falling over laughing funny. Yes I was tired, so very tired.  That is also not the reason I laughed so hard.

I laughed so hard because my babies just had a normal sibling interaction.

Because Zach just said a new word (if you call ptt a word).

Because Zach has autism, so having these two things come together as little as a year ago would have not even been a possibility.

Because maybe sometimes all you need is a little rocket science.

All of that said. I give your the Blimp minion (because that’s is the most rocket ship minion I could find)

It really was rocket science

Not quite a rocket but awesome anyway


Happy Monday!

* Note- My wonderful Brother said this! Thanks ! I hope you’re feeling better today!!

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