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Minion Monday – Words Have Weight

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Minion Monday Words have weight.

Words are the most wonderful things in the world.

They allow us to convey love, and hurt.
Hunger and delight.
Joy and sorrow.

Sometimes you can’t even find the words.

Words escape you.

Think how hard it is for someone who has autism (or any number of other verbal issues) who often can’t find the words or any words.
How hard is it when you can’t ask for help.
When you can’t say you are frustrated the frustration often builds.
Sometimes it even builds to the point of anger.
When you can’t express it in words it can build and that can cause you to do things you regret.
To hurt yourself or others.

Words have weight.
If you are forgiven or told someone you worried about is okay you feel lighter, as if some weight has been lifted from you.
Equally, someone can say a mean or hurtful word and you can feel weighed down by it.

If a stranger smiles at you it is not the same as if the same person were to come up and say “You are beautiful”
Also, when someone calls you something awful it can hurt even if they don’t know you.

Not enough people think before they speak.
Often if you were to recite word for word something someone said it would surprise them.

Some words are fine in one context and hurtful in another.
Saying something is slow is okay.
Saying someone is slow, not so much.

I won’t even talk about the R word.

There are words often used to describe special people that are just hurtful.
When people use these words there is nothing good about. No positive meaning can be found.
When this happens the word used becomes a weapon.
Then it shows who you are, not who they are.

This past week I was wounded by someone’s words.
They didn’t understand everything and reacted before understanding.
It hurt because they changed their opinion of me before understanding why I was doing what I did.

Equally I have had a wonderful week with my son and his words.
His normal 2-word sentences changed.
He gifted me with words this week.

He was sick, his tummy hurt. Normally this would get frustration, and anger from him.
This week he told me. He came to me, pointed at his tummy and said “Mommy my tummy hurts.”
After I picked my jaw up off the floor I got him something for his tummy.
I was able to say to him, this tastes bad but it will make you feel better, and he took the meds without a fight.

Next, he and I were watching tv together while I was sick with the same virus he had and I was binge watching Dr Who.
After one of the episodes he said “Mom, no more Dr Who.” This thrilled me and made me sad at the same time!

Last, every night we have the same routine. I tuck him in, have him say good night to the 3 toys he sleeps with then I say good night to him.
Last night I said goodnight to him and he turned and said “Goodnight Mom, I love you.” (and yes I cried)

I know no one is perfect. I know we all hurt, and say things we don’t mean.

We must remember that words are precious, they are powerful, and that they can build as well as destroy.

Use them wisely.

Thinking with Minions from

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