minion monday victim or survivor?

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Early last September I had a stroke. Today someone asked a question in a group I am in if we are stroke survivors or victims? It got me thinking, I am a  survivor, it’s who I am period. Have a child born with autism and did i give up? Never. At 15 he can talk because we never gave up, just like my parents raised me not to. I am trying to raise my kids to fight for what’s right and to be strong. I advocate for autistic kids because autistic kids grow up to be autistic adults and so many don’t have anyone fighting for them. It’s sad. My son was diagnosed at 5 and we never gave up on him. I did give up on my local school district. They are useless. They wanted to put him on a buss for 2 hours a day to put him in the county’s life skills class. A boy who was halfway potty trained, could make his own food, read and knew 30 basic signs… So i kept him home. Now he talks and can do math. He can ask for something he wants and communicates when something is wrong. We have very few meltdowns and he is still progressing daily. He is a survivor. I was a victim of domestic abuse and because I decided I would rather be a survivor I am still here today. Victim vs survivor is just state of mind…  My stroke took away all use of my left side. I am typing with both hands right now because when I realized my hand was useless I started signing “rstnle” in asl finger spelling over and over. Now I am typing again. I walked to my chair to sit and type this and yesterday I walked to the kitchen and cooked. You make the choice to survive or let things define you. I made the choice to not just survive but thrive… I want to walk without a walker by the end of summer. Check back to see if I make it?

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