Minion Monday – Typical

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Today’s comic actually happened, few of my comics are true. Usually, they are just inspired by my kids. This time, my 13-year-old autistic did something typical. Typical is an odd word for someone who is autistic. Typical for him doesn’t always mean typical for NT* kids. Like many autistic kids his emotional age doesn’t quite match his physical age.  So when he does something typical of a 13-year-old we are all stunned. Stunned because he has never done something like this before. Stunned because he was sarcastic.

This event made me realize that other than his speech he has pretty much caught up with his age.

He is as picky as his brothers were at that age about food,  but we can finally reason with him to try new things. He never picks up his dirty clothes and makes his bed only when bribed. Now that his speech is progressing his emotions are catching up. His mental age has progressed so much! While he won’t outgrow autism he has given me a little hope that he will be able to live and grow with it. I took the time to realize I have not worried every little change will cause a regression. Regression was something that loomed over every action for years. Now it is more of an afterthought. I have to admit even 6 months ago I didn’t think this was even possible. I spent too many nights crying, wondering how he would make it without me. Since I got sick it has pushed him to progress or maybe he just had an unexpected emotional growth spurt.

He surprises me every single day. I never for even a moment forget how lucky I am to be his mom. So today I am going to celebrate him being typical. A normal, messy, grumpy, teen who only likes junk food and wants to hit his brothers with a fly swatter. I will also realize blessings become visible in the strangest ways.

Today I have hope. That is enough.

*NT- NeuroTypical meaning, in this case, someone without autism.


This weeks Comic –

There was an old lady that owned a fly swatter because swallowing flies is disgusting.

There was an old lady that owned a fly swatter because swallowing flies is disgusting.

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