Minion Monday! Time to take over the world!

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Like Pinky and the Brain with less mice

Like Pinky and the Brain with less mice


So it is Minion Monday once again. Last month was Autism Awareness month (among other things) this month is Celiac (Coeliac) Awareness month.  Two things in my house we are already well aware of.  I bet most of you are too! Obligatory links There let the awareness begin. So many people I know were having issues the last week.  Issues that would put most magazines to shame! Things from money, gluten attacks, kids acting out, job loss even issues with their pets! It was insane. So today is Monday, a day usually dreaded. I say lets take back our lives this Monday. Start the day with a new attitude. With HOPE and let the feeling of dread go. It is time to rally, and say. Monday is the START of something. The start of a new week, not the end of the weekend.



Let the week begin!!

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