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“I read the news today oh boy.” – The Beatles A Day In The Life.


I watched the news, read a little on Facebook, and I cried. The is so much sad in the world, so much hate, anger, frustration. Then I read a few non-news sites, watched some science channel and realized the news wasn’t the whole story.


Headlines like “Fire at the Eiffel Tower” which when you read, really read, it was a fire a few blocks away that was controlled but spewing smoke towards the tower. Or “Girl Hit by a Car while playing Pokemon Go” watch the video, the girl was walking home from a museum, where yes she went to play Pokemon, but her phone was in her pocket and she was crossing properly at an intersection when the car hit her. Drivers fault, not hers.


Every day I see headlines that are designed to get you to watch, to click through and rarely do they offer even part of the real story. (Writers call this click bait) The media has designed them to grab you, to pull you in and keep you watching/clicking. That is what they do, it is their job.


Sadly, many of us never read beyond that headline or the first paragraph. We (me included) become outraged and sickened before having all the facts. Allowing our anger to rule how we respond. We take the crap that the reporters feed us. If we have all the facts we often learn that there’s no reason to be outraged or scared.


Maybe we just need to take the time to figure out what is going on, all the facts. Take time to find out who someone is before deciding how to behave towards them. Everyone is frightened and hurt and worried. The media just fuels that fear and thrives because of it. We have to stop letting others peoples headlines decide what you think and believe.


We have to start demanding the whole store, completely reading, really listening. Most of all basing our fears on real things instead of some headline that a reporter thought up. Don’t let other people do your thinking for you and remember everyone has a story. Take time to remember that everyone has a background you will never know. A chapter in their life you will never see. Even if you have been there for most of their life you still can’t see everything they have been through.

So try and treat others with the same kindness you want to be treated.

Stop letting the media turn you against the world, that is how they make their money. It doesn’t make their statements the facts. Today, I stopped watching the news. I decided to watch the world instead, I think I will be much happier for it.

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So that's where they went...

So that’s where they went…

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