Minion Monday – The importance of routine

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Minion Monday – The importance of routine

One of the more interesting things about autism is the love of routine.
From getting up at the same time each morning, to making the bed, then brushing teeth, then breakfast.

Change the order and suffer the meltdowns.
Before Zach I was never a really big fan of routine.
I loved changing up things here and there.
Sleeping late now and then, skipping breakfast and instead having a brunch and reading on the couch.

However I was never a big fan of daylight savings time.. just saying.
I digress.

When Zach came along and his love for routine became apparent I learned to embrace routine.
To like getting up and making the beds.
I even learned sticking with that routine is actually kinda nice.

I still change things up now and then but when I do I know it is because I want him to be able to adapt a bit.

I know I risk the meltdowns.
I also know that I need to do this because some times things have to change now and then.
Like daylight savings time.
Life has to be different now and then.
He has to learn that we can’t have eggs every single day for breakfast even if he likes them.
He needs to understand that when we go to the grocery store they might not have the gummy worms he likes he might have to get bears or horror of all horrors SKIP them this week.
Or that some nights it is too warm for 3 blankets even if 3 is his number (b.t.w. 2 sheets and a blanket won’t work).

Though when he is stressed I don’t push him too hard.
This week will be one of those weeks.

The change in time resulted in a 10 minute tirade this morning about how it was time to wake up even if the clock was said it wasn’t.
A yelling event that almost ended in a meltdown but only almost.

Even though over the past couple of weeks I have been slowly slipping his bed time, we are now about 30-40 mins late on his time so this transition would be a bit easier.
Along with that the melatonin he takes nightly* has been given a little later each night.

I have even encouraged him to sleep in or go back to bed and play.

Though, if this morning is an indication this week will be spent following our routine, eating eggs and spending a lot of time managing meltdowns.
All the work, of me trying to be clever.. yeah it failed.

One day there will be major changes.
Like there were major changes in my life, like loosing my dad, or having to move to a new place, or having one of our boys move out and go to live on his own.
I can’t prepare him for these. I just hope to be there to help him cope with them. This week we will cope.

We will hope tomorrow is a better day.
Routine is nice, but change happens…



How are you coping?

*(No comments here when he takes it he sleeps, when he doesn’t he has elopement issues and NO ONE sleeps).

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1 comment for “Minion Monday – The importance of routine

  1. November 7, 2014 at 10:43 AM

    It’s been rough with the time change but not as bad as a few years ago. My guy is 13 and he seems to be dealing with change just a little easier with each passing year. Oh, things are still hard but the meltdowns are fewer and not as intense. For a while we could not even change up the route we took to school. A detour sign sent me into panic mode. Lisa from Quirks and Chaos

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