Minion Monday- The Gift

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Minion Monday- The Gift

This month a wonderful site called The Mighty tasked writers to tell them what the greatest gift they had ever received.

I was thinking about this, reading post from others, and I realized my greatest gift is not a thing.
Not the cabbage patch doll my Mom waited in line for and fought over, not the car my husband gave me one year. Not even my beautiful home.
While I cherish all the things I am so lucky to have; the greatest gift in my life is the people in my life.

For a too long before both Zach and my diagnosis’ we didn’t leave the house much.
After, while we were working out his sensory issues as well as the learning to communicate meltdowns were a daily and sometimes hourly occurrence.
He was fighting so many things and had no way to tell us.
When I was well we could fight that fight.
However for a long time I was not well. It is hard to fight a runner when you are walking with a cane.
So going out, making friends, even making a simple shopping trip was often impossible.

Keeping friends is work, when you can’t take your child to their homes or out in public it you loose friends.

If you are a parent of a runner you understand sitters are just not something you can do.
While many tried to understand it is just not something you get unless you live it.
So eventually they drifted away.

When my health recovered and we had learned to manage the elopement and the meltdowns. In the mean time out community became very, very small.
It was me and my family and a couple of friends who have always been there no matter what.

Last year when my dad was dying I felt so very alone.
After he died it was much harder to deny the whole in my life.
So, I started this page as a way to communicate with the world.
As a life line, a way to find someone else who has to fight as hard as I had to each day.

I hoped to maybe find a community.
I did, and so much more.

The greatest gift I have ever received was all of you.

When I say community I don’t mean it the same way most people do.
Most people mean their neighbors, the parents from school or the people from church.
My community is much less traditional. To me it is the people who follow my page, the autism parents I follow, the girls in a mom’s group I was blessed to find and 13 amazing people in one very small group who support me, push me and who have become some of the very best friends I could ask for.
It doesn’t matter if you are a fellow blogger, an autism parent, foodie and or just someone who think my jokes are funny.
You are my community, my friends, and a gift to me.

When my son was diagnosed I received the gift of understanding.
When I went gluten free, I was given my health back.
When I started this blog I found friends and community.
Each of you fill the hole that came with not having someone who can relate to you, not having someone who asks, “Hey, are you okay today?”
The hole that was made unbearable when my father died.

My greatest gift is each of you.

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