Minion Avengers

Minion Monday – Superheros

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Minion Monday – Superheros

Minion Avengers

Minion Avengers, just like my kids super, and still picking on each other.

Yesterday I took my kids to visit my Mom.
She wasn’t feeling well so I offered to grab a couple of things from the store on my way.
I took my little one and one of his brothers through the small store near my house (think the size of most convenience stores).

The ladies behind the 2 registers know me well.
They know my kids.

Best of all they never get upset when the little on runs in the store.

The teen with me?
He gets upset.
LOL one of these days he will get that chasing Zach just makes it worse.

Zach is so easily overwhelmed by all the wonderful things in the store!

Between the things to buy, and the people walking around it is just too much for him.

They know he has autism.
Most people in my small town know.
Autism awareness, we spread that EVERYWHERE.

Everytime without fail, when we go check out one of the ladies says, something about how super or special I am.

My normal response I am just lucky to have him.

I am.
I am truely blessed to have my kids.
Each and every one of them.
Even the sassy teens.
Even the baby who can’t always say what he wants.
Even in the middle of a meltdown.
Even when they won’t sleep until 3 am.
Even when they yell at me to turn my music down. (yes I am that Mom)

They are amazing, when one has a problem the others are there to help him through whatever it is. Even if that means nagging him endlessly. They will make that sacrifice.

The little one is the most amazing of all.

With every single thing he has to go through, he still ends each day with a smile, a “Lobe you” and a “Night Mom.”

Especially when he has to run and stim to be able to calm,
When he wants so badly to tell me what he wants, needs or how he feels and can’t.
The frustration of being autistic, it has to be just horrible.
Still every day, he smiles, he giggles, he will hug you if you ask.
He doesn’t even know how to frown. He tried, it was very amusing.

He is the super one. He is my superhero.

All of my kids are.
How they love and support each other and me for that matter.
Each of them in their own way.
They are all amazing.

I am not a superhero. I am not special. I am just blessed.

The superhero’s are my kids.
After all the put up with me.
That alone requires super powers!
Super Minion

Super Minion

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