Minion Monday – Sorry

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I wanted to write today and tell you so many things, things about Zach, about autism.
Things about how much I love him, and how blessed I feel. All of those are still true. Today was hard though, really hard. the anniversary of my dad’s death was January 1st, and then his birthday was January 3rd. This time of year is hard. New year, new beginnings is hard when all you can do is remember how much you miss him. I didn’t always have the best relationship with my dad. However, he was always there for me. He made me believe I was smart, funny and could do anything. Since I have fought depression for pretty much all of my life. This is not always an easy task. Somehow he always managed it. I have wonderful friends, and a loving family but no one can replace what he did for me. Even when he was making me nuts, even when I am sure he wanted to strangle me, he was still there. He was the 1st one to treat Zach like every other kid, to help me remember that he was much more than Autism. Sorry Dad, depression is winning today but I am still trying I promise.


I hope to be back to me soon. For now, here is this week’s comic.

Maybe the octopus could have made the bed for him?

Maybe the octopus could have made the bed for him?

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