Maybe coffee will help!

Minion Monday – Sick but still silly and a quick review

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Minion Monday!

Maybe coffee will help!

Maybe coffee will help!

It seems everyone I know is sick or recovering from being sick today! What’s with that?
Even me!
Friday I some how got glutened.
If you have ever had a gluten attack you will understand.
No I don’t know how, but I do know it happened.

So no recipe this Sunday.

I missed cooking but I am still really sick.
Love to you all!
Happy Minion Monday

I might be sick but laughter is still the best Medicine.


Okay for the quick review. 

COFFEE (said in best zombie voice)

COFFEE (said in best zombie voice)

This is the only reason I am sitting here typing to you.

Without coffee today I would have fallen back asleep after feeding my kids.
I simply would have laid my head on the keyboard, drooling into it and probably ruining it.

So thank you Coffee-mate for saving my keyboard.

I loved this girl scout cookie before I went gluten free. So I decided to give this creamer a try.

Normally I use coconut milk in my coffee.
It works great for me.

I also normally hate caramel coffee creamers/syrups.
It is funny how they usually have this burnt taste to them.

While I can’t say it tastes like the cookie, I will say it is a great flavor I would love to repeat.
Someone finally got the caramel flavor right!

It is gluten free but not quite dairy free just so you know. It is YUM.


One last note. If something looks funny, is spelled wrong or is really difficult to read. Blame the gluten. I know I will. 

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