Minion Monday - Siblings

Minion Monday – Siblings

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I am always telling people about my youngest son Zach, you see Zach has autism.  He is wonderful, strong and amazing. His brothers may not have autism however they are just as amazing!

I want to tell you a little about them. Each of them has not just been a brother, but a friend and helping hand. Each of them at one time or another have been the voice Zach didn’t have.

Let’s start with Robby, the next up age wise (often referred to as younger teen). He is an amazing kid, he loves to read, and play games, he is a wonderful caring brother who had the choice of having his own room but instead decided to share with Zach. He wanted to be there in case Zach woke in the night or if he decided to elope. When we are out he is the one who follows Zach closely so he doesn’t run off and get lost.

Andy (older teen), he is just a year older than Robby, he loves games and often goes out of his way to teach Zach how to play and will install games on his computer for him. He also loves to cook! He helps me with meals, when I am sick or simply too tired he is the one who makes sure everyone gets fed. He even knows how to make all the foods Zach will eat. Sometimes when Zach is in a phase where he doesn’t want to eat anything, Andy is the one who will find something he will eat.

Michael is the next, he moved out a couple of years ago to live with his sweet girlfriend and he now does tech support for a living. While he doesn’t live here anymore he still chats with his brothers and will even play online games with them. He helped me find ways to get the younger kids to do some of the school projects that were more difficult to do because he is simply brilliant. Oh and he can always tell me how to fix things when one of us breaks our tablet. He is my go to for iPad problems, so he still saves us from meltdowns even though he is 4 hours away.

Carl it the oldest, he is one of the few people on this planet who can tell when I have had enough and go out of the way to make sure his brothers get the things that need to be done, done. He is brilliant and won’t admit it he is an amazing artist and one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He would do just about anything to make someones day better and makes mine better all the time. He is even good at getting Zach to do chores, trust me that is a skill.

Anytime people tell me I am blessed to have Zach I think I am blessed to have all the boys, each of them bring something different and wonderful to my life. We are not just a family we are a team, working to make each-others lives better. Together we are strong and I am lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

A note to all my kids, I am truly believe I am lucky that you came into my life, I am thrilled to be called Mom by each of you and amazed at the wonderful people you are. Despite all the struggles we have all had I am impressed with how you handle each thing with grace and strength. You are more than my kids you are my heroes.

Thank you for being so wonderful I love you all.

Minion Monday - Siblings

Minion Monday – Siblings


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