Run away!

Minion Monday – Run away!

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Run away!

Run away!

We all have that one thing that makes you nuts.

I personally can not stand when someone walks around with one sock on. I know it is strange but hey it is my strange.  I have a very good friend who can not stand the feeling of wet denim.

Monkey has a lot of things that make him nuts. Today it is a storm.

For someone with a sensory processing disorder it is a whole new level of problems.  While you might get stressed out and agitated over your pet peeve. Monkey, stims, he frets, he can’t sleep. His reaction is pretty darn close to a panic attack. 

So he hides. He runs to his little world, and hides. He turns up the sound on his videos, he pulls the blankets over his head. Grabs his weighted snake. Cuddles up in my bed and hides.

thinking inside the box

thinking inside the box

Because sometimes you just have to get inside the box to think.




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1 comment for “Minion Monday – Run away!

  1. Ira
    April 13, 2014 at 9:43 PM

    everyone post the thing that makes them nuts. mine is Styrofoam. the feel, the sound it makes when you touch it or when it touches something else. that squeak gives me the shivers.

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