Minion Monday – Re-Writing the Script

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Part of why I started this page was to give everyone an idea of what autism is like for us. Maybe making it a little less mystifying. For it is indeed mystifying. This week Zach has been in a mood, not a good mood. Today he got up at 4 am, he has been a regular sleep till 7 am kid for a long time… I fear puberty has started to rear its ugly head.

Anyway, this past week I was talking to someone on the phone and Zach was scripting a YouTube video in the background. He had kept repeating the same part over and over I finally took a moment to listen and realized he was scripting to me, he wanted something.

I asked the caller to hold a minute and put the phone down to talk to Zach, figured out what he wanted, walked him through the right words, gave him what he was asking for and then picked up the phone.

The caller heard this interaction and was completely confused.

Not that I blame him, it is hard sometimes unless you live with someone who has autism, to understand all of its more interesting bits and pieces.

I started by trying to explain scripting and how often it is used as a stim but sometimes as a communication tool.

This led me to stims.. and why they were okay and how everyone even those people without autism do it.

After probably another half hour of explaining scripting, stims and how autism is different for every kid. I got off the phone and realized how things have changed.

The scripting thing is not new but using words to script is. Zach has scripted for years, but his scripts were a lot like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, full of short bits of songs, falling noises, running noises, he would click when he wanted you to turn while driving, everything had a noise.

He walked through life with his own little soundtrack, each thing he did had a noise (this is where Theme Song Thursday’s of our Facebook page came from).

His speech teacher thought it was adorable.

In truth it was. If I oiled a doors squeaky hinge he would squeak for it. The more stressed he was the more he scripted from footsteps, to door closing everything has a noise and his scripts and stims kinda meshed together.

I often watch videos of other autistic kids, listen to their scripts, the noises they made and think he or she is communicating, even if not everyone could see it I could. Zach has taught me!

Stimming with the use of words, is new, it has come as he had learned to be verbal. The using it to communicate has only happened twice, normally he looks at me and says something it takes 10 minutes of picking up bits and pieces of words, googling things and asking over and over until I figure it out. When I do we go though the words I need him to use so next time I understand him.

Like much of my life with Zach it has been a guessing game, a try this and try that until I figure out what he needs or what he is trying to say. He has made me have mad google skills and taught me to be more patient than I believed was even possible.

Zach has always done things his own way. He has a way for re-writing the script.

Go on and take on the week!

Happy Monday.

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