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I am going to get preachy for a few minutes. As the mom to more than one kid with special needs, I see more than my fair share or scornful people. People who enjoy making ”fun” of those who they perceive as less than themselves. Frankly, it sucks. Not just for the people, they make “fun” of but for them. They never get to meet the beautiful people that our kids are. They never get to feel that unconditional love that having someone with no alternative agenda can give. People who just love to see others happy for no other reason than it makes them happy to see happy people. A while back I shared a new story of a young man with Downs Syndrome, who owned a restaurant called “Hugs Cafe”. He made sure everyone who came in the door had a hug as well as a good meal. This is typical of many special needs individuals. They just want to love and be loved in return. I wonder sometimes if they are not our next evolution? They have already realized how much better life can be if you let it. Maybe what the world needs isn’t more beautiful people but more beautiful souls.


Regularly, I share stories of people who take the time to recognize how special others are. They make me happy and give me hope. Also, I guess part of me is trying to counter all the crap I see, people beaten, bruised, and abused. People whose “friends” ignore them, don’t show up for birthdays or who were locked in rooms for years because the people who should love them the most can’t accept anything less than their idea of perfect. Every one of these stories, awful stories of abuse, makes me want to scream. I want to take each of these people aside and explain what they are missing by ignoring, using or abusing these wonderful people. I want to go up to every teen in the mall who laughs at a stimming person, or one with tics or who can’t speak well, and say, ‘What if that was your younger sibling or your child? Would you still do this?’ Would you like it if someone did it to you?’

Filling the world

I can’t be everywhere, I can’t step up and talk to everyone who uses and abuses. Though, I can ask you to show someone who is different love and compassion. I will keep writing and sharing peace and happiness and hoping that future generations find peace. That somehow they realize that filling the world with happy people benefits all of us and makes the world a better place to live for them too! To see that love and the happiness of those around you is what makes you a better person. Not how well you do your makeup or how much money you have. To understand true wealth is having people who would move the world to ensure your happiness.

Maybe they will realize trying to bring others down increases your sorrow, not your happiness. Surrounding yourself with love is what makes your world a better place, not having the most followers, not bringing others down. One day I dream that people recognize that different is just different not better or worse.


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