Minion Monday – Oh the Noise!

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Minion Monday – Oh the Noise! (aka how can someone with so few words make so much noise)

Oh the noise!

Oh the noise!

To deal with the frustration he started to fill in the gaps.

He became his own sound track.

Everything he did got a sound.

From eating (nom nom).
To dropping a ball (falling noise from cartoons).
Stomping noise when he goes up the stairs
Even humming a random tune when he walks.

Everything has a noise. (yes, even going to the bathroom)

The only times he is quiet is when he is asleep or doing something wrong.

Most days it is funny.
Somedays it is maddening.
But, it is Him.

It has advantages!

I don’t have to watch his every move.
I can listen and know what he is doing.
If he is quiet, something is wrong.

When he is out he is even louder.

I think he is blocking all the strange noises with ones he is comfortable with.

When we go out in public people either smile or get upset.
This last week he and I ended up at a hotel for a few days while we were helping a friend.
Taking him out of his comfort zone and increasing his volume.
I was stressed out prior to going.
The last time I had to take him somewhere new overnight we had problems.
Add to that his tendency to run.
I think my blood pressure would have made any doctor nervous.

Nothing bad happened.
No one said a single thing.
Not once.
They were all so kind and sweet and smiled at him.
Not once did anyone even in a restaurant utter an unkind word or give him a dirty look.


For the first time in a very long time it felt great to be out in the world.

Maybe, the world can learn to accept our special kids and the special adults they are destined to become.
Noises and all.

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