Minion Monday – Movies

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Minion Monday – Movies

I have a dirty little secret..
Wait for it..

I watched Frozen, Brave, both Despicable Me movies as well as various other “kid” movies WITHOUT my kids..

You see, my autistic son Zach, doesn’t do movies. At all..

He has never watch a whole movie.

He has never been to a theater. (Not even a sensory friendly showing)

It is his idea of hell to be required to sit  for that long. While he will often be in the room when I watch these type movies. He doesn’t intently watch them.

What he does is play in the room, he will be on his laptop, iPad, or playing on his handheld. Occasionally I will catch him watching, when I do, if he knows I caught him, he will get up and leave the room.

It is like it is just too much stress for him.

At one time I worried about him not wanting to sit and watch movies, or television.

What can I say, I worry a lot. When I pushed him he went into meltdown mode and ruined the whole event for everyone included. So I stopped pushing.

While I worried about him not wanting to be included; at some point It was easier to not fight him, to let him do his own thing and let him be happy in that.

When he was younger this was true of video game play sessions too, he would always sit across the room and pretend he didn’t care about what we were playing, eventually he got closer.. and at some point he decided he wanted to join in. He will then play for a short time then simply stop.  This went on for a while before I figured out he would stop just short of a sensory overload. He was self regulating!

It was then I noticed he can handle short structured activities only with some kind of break.


While the rest of the family could sit and play Mario party for 3+hours before someone had to take a break, he could only handle 30ish minutes.  So we started to take breaks, even a 10 minute break every half hour made him much more comfortable with almost any activity.

It took me too long to figure it out, but when I did, it greatly improved our family time.

With time he is slowly increasing his ability to sit and enjoy time with all of us.

I can hear it now.. someone out there is thinking, I could push him. You are right, I could. However, I think things like movies and games should be a fun! Sure I could bribe him or attempt to make him sit, but that would make it feel more like work and less like fun.

So we don’t do sensory friendly showings, we can’t pause the movie. We don’t go to theaters at all.. We play games in short bursts, and I do sometimes try and see if he is ready to sit and watch a movie with me. I know some day he will be. When he is I will still know all the best movies to share with him. Until then, I will be there watching them and waiting for him to be ready to join in. Just like he has done with games. The thing he has taught me the most, is patience.

I know he always does everything on his time and at his pace. I just have to be patient.

Until then.. who is in for “kid” movie time?



Oh and I totally want to watch the 50 shades of grey movie. however, I don’t think I will be watching that one with my kids 😉


Happy Monday!!


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