Minion Monday – Minion not quite on a train

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Robert Blum 2015

Minion Monday – Minion not quite on a train


Yesterday the kids dad decided to visit The Museum of the American Railroad. Since I was still under the weather from allergies I opted to stay home and let dad try a trip without me.

I will sum it up in one picture.

and away he goes


Dad and the older kids had a pretty good time however, Zach made it mostly to the front door then said “No” and turned around and went back to the car. He wanted nothing to do with it. He was content to stay in the car. Since I had decided to stay home and be kid free for an hour or two, I am going on secondhand info here. Apparently they took turns sitting with Zach in a running car (and he happily played on his iPad).
Despite Zach’s refusal they all found a way to have fun anyway!

When everyone came home, they all went about their normal activities, Zach stimmed for about 45 minutes (unusual for him). However, he still refuses to talk about it. I have no idea what caused this. All we can do is guess. They kids and dad each have their own theories. Dad thinks it was a generator that the museum had running, Zach can be extremely sound sensitive. Older teen, thought it was too many people; Zach does hate crowds. Younger teen thinks there were just too many things happening and it was overwhelming, which is also possible. I found out they let Zach bring his headphones but not his iPad, so that could also have been part of it. I feel guilty. I wonder if I had decided not to stay home, but instead to go with them could I maybe have coaxed Zach a bit further? Maybe we will try again soon.

I guess in the big picture, it doesn’t matter. What matters in that they tried, and that they found a way to have fun even though things didn’t go as planned.

They came back with pictures. I trusted my camera to younger teen and he actually came back with some awesome pictures. Here they are.

IMG_0009 (2)-001




Oh and btw, my fab idea to nap while they were gone was derailed by my decision to do laundry instead.. hehe what a wild life I lead.

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