Happy Memorial day from Hardlybored.com

Minion Monday -Memorial day

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Happy Minion Monday! Today is Memorial day in the United States!

Happy Memorial day from Hardlybored.com

Happy Memorial day

I have to admit, I had no idea where to go with this today.
I spent hours trying to think what I would say.
How the military, and my blog fit together.
I though of how the military touched my life.

My best friends and the two most supportive people in my life are
Eric, is ex Navy. He is truly a god-send and I often see how his time served still affects him.

The other Craig, is active duty.
He is probably the only person on the planet who can make me laugh no matter how bad life gets.
I see daily how serving our country impacts his life.

Then I think about my Dad.
Every time I think about him I cry.
You see he died this year.

Somehow he always had the time for you.
He was always there to hold your hand,
to hug you, even if he didn’t know you.
He would gladly listen to you, pray with you or help if he could.
He is probably the biggest reason I am who I am.

Because he was who he was, at his 1st chance, he enlisted.
The years he spent in the Air Force taught him about life outside the small town he was from.
Gave him some time in the world, took him to Germany, Greece, and finally Vietnam.
Germany taught him a new language, and a love for languages he shared with me.
Greece taught him a love for food, and adventure. This is where my love of foods started, and my willingness to eat most anything!
Vietnam taught him how cruel the world can be, so everything since came with that knowledge of how bad life really could be.
Everything was compared to that. So if in his mind if he could make it through that then everything else could be conquered too.
He taught me this too.

Everything can be overcome.

He was an amazing man.
He was and always will be my hero.
He died way too young.
He had health problem after health problem.
My Dad’s illness was never defined as anything. It was just one little symptom piled on a heap of other little symptoms. No real cause given.

He could have had complications from his time in the military.
He could have had Celiac like I do. He certainly had enough of the symptoms.

Even though I have never lost someone I knew to during their service to our country.
It still touches my life every day.

dad af pic dad in vietnam dad in vietnam1970 3 others
dad1970 vietnam


Thank you Dad.

Take a few minutes to call someone who served, or when you see someone with a military tattoo, or in a uniform, thank them.

Just remember today.

Some people gave their all to make the world what it is today.

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