Minion Monday – Inside the Box

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“The teens” around age 4 decided to take a 3′ x 5′ cardboard box set it outside the upstairs bathroom and then take little buckets to fill it with water, they filled and filled and filled. I don’t know if they wanted their own pool or what, to maybe the thought that this was the portal to find Nemo.

Anyway,  little backstory-The week before I had nearly broken my ankle chasing said children up to bed. So this week I was firmly positioned on the couch, feeding the baby, and I bet if you ask my husband he would try to tell you there was coffee and bonbons involved the coffee part was a requirement at that point. Also, it’s is safe to say that there was some premeditation involved on their part, since they were the ones I was chasing back to bed when I broke my ankle them, back to bed. Still, I stick with the story that, I had no clue my little angels could be doing something bad.

I didn’t smell smoke…. No strangers walked in and the fire department/ police didn’t arrive at my door demanding access. That was good enough to for me,

So my ankle was propped perfectly in position for healing in maximum time, I had a cup of coffee (and bonbons according to my husband) in my hand a blissful baby feeding himself a couple feet from me. Just one more tidbit of information, during the ankle process potty training had been completed, or so I though. That is a story for another day. This allowed my mind to delude myself in the illusion that quite possibly my children who are actually performing personal hygiene rituals rather than playing with the box. “How nice of the kids to wash their hands, or I bet they are brushing their teeth too!” They seem to be washing so thoroughly. I even thought maybe they had decided to fill the tub with water and play. I could live with this idea because the bathroom is pretty waterproof and they hadn’t made too big a mess quite, yet. That is until monsoon season started.

I have to tell you monsoon season is nothing like the fantasy Bollywood movies, just not know cute guy show up looking like merman no mermaids to entertain just water pouring from the ceiling, not just the ceiling either, the LIGHT FIXTURE?  I had a light fixture in the hallway in Texas. for all of you literal people out there I’m aware this hardly qualifies as monsoon season, really, I get it, but you have small kids. infant sprained ankle, in a new home with no clue how to turn off water and it’s your husband’s first day back at work since you broke your ankle trust me FELT like monsoon season to me.

So at this point a panic set in, because I see not just rain from the lovely hand picked light fixture I see light! Knowing that electricity and water are not best friends I rush to turn off the light switch. Of course completely forgetting hurt ankle, and the 75 lb sleeping dog right at my feet…. I fall flat on my face.

Getting up I grab a broom the kids were riding or chasing the dog with. Now remember I had sprained my ankle last week I stand up charge more carefully towards the stairs only to fall flat on my face again. This time I make it to the hall.  The light is full of water and realize the light fixture is on. Escaping what should have been a certain death I flip the switch for the light fixture grab a towel from the downstairs bathroom find the breaker switch for that part of the electrical system all the while screaming at the kids who are blissfully ignoring me. Strangely no merman, firefighters,  policeman, or even a freaking singing crab arrived to assist.  Maybe a clown fish manage to appear in the whole process, then again I am fairly sure that I hit my head at one point.

You would think that at least one of those should have at least shown up to be my hero during the clean up.

I had thought the kids were taking a nap, no problem, I was wrong… I was also wrong that cardboard didn’t hold water for long because in the aftermath I can clearly see that that 3 x 5 box easily filled up three-quarters the way before it started to disintegrate into the floor below. Strangely no Merman showed up in the hallway below no singing crabs, fish named flounder, Dori was nowhere to be seen, however, if you’ve ever seen the National Geographic special on India during typhoon season I’m pretty sure they could film that in my hallway.

So I went from blissful comfortable probably slightly medicated mom to my God the house is falling apart in about two seconds flat and I am not the most graceful creature to begin with so we add the cast that I probably forgot was there to the panic and the now not so blissful baby because mom panicked. Two kids who are upstairs and actually hear the commotion from downstairs as I’m screaming “Oh my god what the hell happened why is it raining in the hallway” and attempting to carry my splint clad self up said stairs to find a resource of the water because it was a new house and truthfully I couldn’t have told you where the water cut off was if I tried. So, on my hands and knees I crawled up and around the corner of the flight of stairs and I see it all of its glory both children in their swim shorts apparently they were just trying to create some sort of swimming pool maybe they want to be merman I don’t know. And the box, the box that the held way more water than I ever thought possible. By the way, the next weekend, any item that was placed upstairs they could hold water either had a hole drilled in it making it harder to transport water in or it was removed completely from our home and take an outside we’re all future swimming activities would happen.
Epilog, after reading the above the younger of the two said it was his idea and he just wanted to see how much water it would hold


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2 comments for “Minion Monday – Inside the Box

  1. Rebecca
    January 9, 2017 at 9:13 AM

    One word: OMG!!!

    • Hardly Bored
      February 25, 2017 at 1:18 PM

      i can laugh now

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