Things are looking up

Minion Monday – Imagine

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Minion Monday -Imagine

Things are looking up

Things are looking up

Mondays are not always easy. Okay Mondays are NEVER easy.

Sometimes just getting out of bed is work!

Imagine not being able to turn to your spouse, your friends or even strangers and say, “Mondays suck” and have them agree or disagree.

Imagine the frustration that comes with not being able to say, “Hey, I am hungry” or “My stomach hurts”, “I have a headache” “I am cold” or even ” I love you and thank you for all you do”

Many people experience just that; they have no voice, or what little vocabulary they have is not enough to convey all that is in their heads!

Have you ever been talking and had a word on the tip of your tongue?Can you imagine that ALL THE TIME?

How frustrating would that be!?

Autism (and other conditions) do just that. They keep that word on the tip of our tongues, they prevent the words from coming out at all.
That doesn’t mean that they can’t hear you, or understand you or hear every word you are saying.

Try and imagine that when you see a nonverbal or minimally verbal person frustrated, crying, or angry!

Those “meltdowns” could be a kid throwing a fit, but more likely it is just the frustration coming to the surface. Not having the ability to say the lights are too bright for me, the smell is too much, the sounds are too loud, could be the reason too!

When we were all little, before we knew the words to say, we all threw fits.

 How much of that was because we didn’t have the right word or ability to say what we are feeling, what we want , or what we need?

So next time you see a child in a “meltdown” instead of saying, they are bad, or looking at them with hate try and imagine what they might be going through.

Mondays are hard, autism is hard! You also have to remember just because they can’t tell you does not mean they can’t see you or understand you. Try and imagine the frustration of not having that word, of not being able to share your thoughts, needs or feelings.   TRY and understand a little of what they go through.

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