Minion Monday – Home Sick

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I miss home so much. I miss my kids, my husband, my bed, I even miss doing chores. I just want so badly to go home. I have been in the hospital for a month, much of that in rehab. I have spent the entire time trying, fighting, to get well and stay well. The last couple days have been the hardest emotionally for me, I am so close to being able to go home. I feel hope, finally. It is hard though, I want to go home so badly it aches, I want to hold my kids and snuggle in my bed. I want more than anything to just be there and not in this hospital bed.


I might be ready to get home but the doctors are not as sure I am ready yet. So for a couple more days I will prove to them I am. When I do finally get to go home I still will need help. I am able to do the things I need to make it through daily life. I can walk again, and wash my hair, I can cook, if I don’t have to stand the whole time. I can even climb the stairs again, slowly. My stamina is very low still. So I will need to do things in a new way and I will need help until I can build my stamina up again.


Three weeks ago I couldn’t walk at all, my legs were too weak. I had no stamina at all and I couldn’t even lift my arms above my shoulders. During this time my husband was here all day every day, helping every way he could. The Occupational and Physical therapy teams worked with me to teach me to walk, to help me get to where I could lift my arms and do my hair, to be able to shower and with hard work I can walk up stairs only using a cane and the rail. I feel like together we have worked some sort of miracle in making me semi-whole again.


My husband is working again, he was here when I needed him.* The kids have proven they don’t need me and I don’t know how things will be when I finally get home from my month in the hospital. I do know this, there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be. Besides, that is where my pillow is, don’t we all miss our pillow when we are away?

*A special thanks to his employer for letting him use sick time and vacation to be here for me, even if it might mean he is never allowed to get sick or vacation again.

Read more about what has been happening here and here.

This Week’s Comic –

He was so tired. Hehe!

He was so tired. Hehe!

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