Minion Monday – Good things come to those who wait

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Minion Monday – Good things come to those who wait.

The action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group.

This being autism awareness month I see a lot of posts on not just awareness but acceptance. I get wanting to be accepted, or wanting your child to be accepted, my 12 year old has never had a friend who isn’t family. Try as I might he probably never will, because to him, everyone is a friend, he would trust you with his wallet, his tablet, his laptop, even his life, but his limited communication abilities make it very hard to find a friend.  (Though a story on The Mighty and Kreed from Kreeds World has finally found a friend at 17 so you never know!)

Zach doesn’t understand that there are people who want to hurt you, steal from you or abuse you.

To him everyone is a friend. He is always willing to accept you even when the world rejects and makes fun of him.

While we live in a  world that will likely never truly accept him he accepts everyone and everything at face value. Unless you hurt him you are good.

It is as simple as that.

I wish the world was like this, that you could accept everyone as a friend.  That there were not people in the world out to hurt others every chance they get. However it isn’t and never will be.

However, there is a little hope. I am starting to hear stories about moms who were helped in stores when their child was in a meltdown. Even a couple where autistic kids or young adults were found by people after they had gone missing. They are being treated less like maniacs, or addicts.

Awareness is working, people see more and more what autism is about the more they understand the behaviors, the more willing they are to accept our kids.
One story came across my news feed this week on Facebook. That is a perfect example of acceptance. It was from the page What it’s Like: Michael’s Mommy, Meltdowns, Mischief, and Minions.  The post (click here to read it) She told a story that happened to her in a Subway (sandwich shop) her son was mid meltdown and “The two people working behind the counter and the two gramma ladies utterly ignored us as far as I could tell while I tried to defuse the brewing meltdown.”
This is one of the many things we are spreading awareness for. Something as simple as being ignored, instead of teased, bearing the burnt of rude comments or dirty looks.

So keep it up, awareness is giving us acceptance. Maybe not fast enough but it is happening. Sometimes you have to wait, it is true good things come to those who wait.

Until then hope the jerks find a lego in the middle of the night with their bare feet.



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