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If you have been reading these things and following us on Facebook, you probably already know Zach has an interesting way of communicating. He is now 13 (his birthday was the 27 of August) and still only minimally verbal. As our friend David says “Words are hard”. That is never more true than when you have a child struggling to tell you all the things kids want to say, from I don’t feel good to “Mom, come on I wanna stay up LATER”. Maybe he wishes to ask why the sky is blue, why the grass grows.

Over the years Zach has found some pretty creative ways to tell me when he really wants In addition to the normal taking you by the hand and pointing at what he wanted. Touching his head to mine or pointing at the spot in the middle of his forehead for a kiss. He has used ASL some, for words he had a hard time saying we would learn their sign. (Once I realized what they were) He has used his iPad with speech software,  which he hated.  He has even made up his own words that were easier for him but that confused the rest of us. His speech is advancing he had more and more words each week and thanks to an awesome teacher who teaches me as much as she teaches him I see that continuing to develop quickly! However, that has not stopped him from finding creative ways to say things he wants but can’t find the words for. This week for example he used his research skills.

A little background, Zach likes Minecraft, and wanted to play it but I refused because I needed better skills to help him, so I did research and learned a bit, his older brothers taught me more and for his birthday, we got him his own copy of Minecraft. We set him up and set up a server for him to play on. I got an account too and started playing with him, his brothers joined in and we were having a great time then about 10 minutes in we had a problem. Zach hates rain. There is something about it that drives him nuts, apparently he even hated it in Minecraft. <sigh> He was getting upset and I had no idea why.  I tried talking to him and he couldn’t find the words. So he got creative..

He tabbed out of the game and started browsing YouTube looking at Minecraft video’s and suddenly he calls me (keep in mind I am sitting not 2 feet from him but still he feels the need to yell MOM). He then proceeds to put his headphones on my head and once in place he clicks the play button on a video. It says two words and I almost fell over laughing. It said “F***ing Rain”.

Yep, he used YouTube, not only to tell me what he wanted but to curse about it. Needless to say I learned how to turn off the rain.

Nothing will stop him, he will always find a way.


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