Minion Monday - All you need is love and maybe coffee

Minion Monday – All you need is love and maybe coffee

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Minion Monday – All you need is love and maybe coffee

First of all, before I was a special needs mom I was just a mom, and before that, just a woman. A daughter, friend and person. I am not really different than any other mom out there. I love my coffee, wine and chocolate.
I would adore a day at a spa.
I like to dress pretty and feel beautiful, even if I rarely have time for a simple shower.

I love my kids all of them. Equally.
They all have so many awesome traits.
I know I am blessed every day to be their mom.
Autism, bipolar disorder, crohns, celiac, etc are just part of it.
Those things are just part of our lives.

When you are mom, you get up each morning, get the kids moving, going through each day and its activities, it’s challenges and its blessings.

Some days I find it hard to see the joy, to see the blessings, just like every other mom.

Some days I just want to ship the kids off to grandma’s and take a long bath and a nap.

My kids obsess about legos, video games and minecraft.

I cheer their achievements, just like you. (even if mine are my 12 year old just said a curse word when he was mad! Because words are hard!)

I go to sleep at night thinking about everything I am doing wrong.. just like almost every other mom.

I get grumpy and tired going through each doctor appointment and therapy, just like you do going from club, to sporting event to play date.

We are the same, all of us.  Just like my kids are like your kids, special needs or not, they have hopes, dreams and ambitions. They want to be happy, have fun and feel accomplished. Even if their idea of accomplishment is not quite the same as your kids.

I want to teach my kids, and anyone who will listen that different isn’t something to fear.

Acceptance is just as important to my kids as it is to yours.

Every time I hear of a child or adult that has been bullied or teased because they are different I want to take them in my arms and say I accept you. I hope my kids grow to be adults who feel the same way. I hope your kids do to.

If we want the world to change, we have to be part of it.

We need to teach love and acceptance over fear and hate.

We need to realize not everyone will agree with us and accept their right to have an opinion.  (Even when we think they are wrong)

If you want acceptance you have to be accepting.

To fill the world with love you have to stop spreading hate.

You won’t see me demeaning anyone here. Not my kids, maybe my husband but he knows I adore him and the little jabs are more joke than truth.

I am not perfect. (Just look at my grammar!) I do my best, that is all anyone can ask of me.  That is all I ask of my kids.

Now I ask you. Please, can you try and stop spreading hate, accept others as they are and not expect everyone to be like you. Can you take a minute to realize that even those who live differently, look different, who may or may not speak well, are still people. They are someones daughter, their son, the light of someones life, Daddy’s little girl or Mom’s sunshine.

Everyone of us wants to be loved, accepted and treated with kindness.  Even if we are a little different.

BTW sorry hubby, but you are fun to make fun of since you tickle and kiss me until I take it back, just saying..

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