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Minion Monday – A special thank you to the cashier in the gas station.

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A special thank you to the cashier in the gas station.

This week the amazing Zach has surprised us.

First happened last Monday.
I had to make a rush trip to help a friend, Zach was the only one of the boys going with me.

While we were packing the car he saw the medal that his dad had left on my desk from his marathon this past weekend. Zach saw it and claimed it and refused to put it down. (Days later he is still wearing it!) When I ask him if he wanted to do a marathon with daddy, he looked at the medal,
then said. “Hmm, I don’t know, Maybe!”

This massive for him, less than a year ago he couldn’t string more than 2 words together without prompting. unless he was scripting.
These are not words he scripted or repeated from anyone here, and most of all because he actually seemed to be considering just that.

You see Zach has always had issues with words.
When he was little we would learn words only to loose them.
He could understand a word for a week or sometimes even a month then the words would be lost, it was as if he just couldn’t remember that word anymore.
After years of speech and work he finally remembers all his words and now we are getting sentences.

Then Tuesday came and we headed back from helping our friend, we made a stop to use the restroom (something he never asks to do until too late so when we are out if I have to go he has to go!)

Two amazing things happened first he insisted on using the men’s room.
He normally will only go if one of his brothers is with us otherwise he has to be with me.
So I peeked it was a single occupancy restroom, so I let him, he not only washed his hands, he flushed without being prompted.
Then when we went to purchase Zach’s drink the cashier addressed Zach and asked him how he was today, Zach repeated the question mans question, so the cashier asked again and Zach repeated a second time.

At this point I said Zach “You are not supposed to repeat his question you are supposed to answer him”.
Then he looked well in the general direction of the cashier and said, “I am good, thanks.”
I thought I was going to faint from surprise.

Thankfully I recovered and said,”Good job Zach, great words!”
Then I asked him to ask the cashier how his day was, and the man beamed when Zach did just that. He answered and I was so very grateful that this small interaction took place.

This wonderful man took time from his day to ask my son how he was, not just ask but to really interact.

So few people do this anymore. To interact, most of our day is spent asking these basic questions and not really listening to the answer. It is as if most of us are simply on auto pilot.

That this wonderful man, who if I had not been so floored by Zach’s amazing response, took the time ask this question and actually wait for an answer, to really interact on a level most people don’t bother with.
Thank you sir, from the bottom of my heart for not just dismissing my son who has autism, for working with him and with me, and for waiting for the words.
Thank you for the gift you gave us of your time and attention in a world where both seem very rare and precious.

Thank you.
The interaction took place at a Shell station in Greenville Texas on highway 69. Tuesday 12-16-2004

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