Minion Monday – A letter to my kids

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Minion Monday A letter to my kids

Darling Children of mine,

I know you love me. You tell me often, I get hugs kisses and you do your chores more or less without complaint. I am thrilled to be your Mom. I don’t regret as single minute with you.

Even when you pick each other apart worse than that family on Pawn stars ;).

You rarely treat me like your maid. You will even clean up after each-other! With enough prompting and threats.

Thank you for taking that extra minute to wash your hands after eating something with gluten or to prevent contamination of my food I am grateful!

I adore each of you completely, even when your stinky, smelly, grumpy and all the other things little minion are made of.

Thank you for being great kids.


Maid Minion

Oh and if you ever decide to give me hell I will send you this page and remind you how your supposed to act.

Other Parents

To all you other parents out there,

They really do get better if you give them enough prompting and reason. Even the autistic ones.  Sometimes it is just hard to see.

Try to remember  when they are throwing that tantrum.  You love them,  no-one in their lives will ever love them like you do.

Please accept who they are, even if it is not something that you would have wanted for them because their happiness and dreams are way more important that what you would have wanted for them.

Embrace the good and bad. Remember you want to be loved for who you are not who others want you to be, and most of all love with all your heart and soul; because life is too short for anything less.

The most wonderful feeling in the world is knowing that you are accepted and loved for just being you.

Last, this one is most important with our kids on the spectrum. Being different is not the end of the world, it is just another way of life.

Happy Monday!

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