Is Lena Pretty? – A book review

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Is Lena Pretty? – A book review
I adore this beautiful kids book!

This tells the story of little Lena, and all the wonderful things she does and how those things are what make her beautiful not the clothes she wears, the way she does her hair or genetics.

This book is best for young readers, or for you to read to your 3-6 year old. The pictures are engaging, and adorable, the words are not too hard for young readers and the message is outstanding!

I read it with Zach who is 12 but mentally around 5 he asked me to read it one more time the next day. He has never asked that before so it has to be a pretty wonderful book!

This is not just a good message for girls, it is also a good message for our sons. I have all boys and I read this with them too, not only do the benefit from the message they also need the reminder that what you are inside, the things you do and how you treat the world, that is what matters.


I hope you fall in love with the curly haired Lena and her wonderful soul too!


You can purchase it on Amazon in both e-book and hard cover.
The authors website is
She even does the tweet thing
Oh! and her Facebook page is

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This book makes a great gift too.

Go get it already!

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