Gluten free rant

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This. is. PERFECT.

From the Gluten Dude.

“Dear Gluten Dude:

I love your site. After some frustrating discussions with my husband and a co-worker who said I better stop talking about gluten free foods or people will start talking about me (what????) I composed the following.

Dear Friends, Family, and acquaintances:

Any questions?”

Not in my wildest dreams could I have said this better!

I am not on a diet.
I don’t do this for attention
I hate paying more for food!
I miss eating out now and then.
I miss going to other peoples homes and having a snack or sharing birthday cake. I can’t even have cake on my kids or my birthday unless I make it (and I am still rather craptastic at baking and the mixes out there SUCK)
I miss things like pizza, beer batter, muffins and takeout.

When I find a replacement that doesn’t suck I jump for joy (really it is rather funny to watch).
Sometimes people tell others that if they don’t have a diagnosis they shouldn’t go gluten free.  This makes me angry.

If it makes you feel better to take that protein out then do it! How is it any different or less than going vegan, paleo, dairy free or sugar free?

Also, when more people eat gluten free there is more awareness not less. It does not belittle people with a gluten allergy. It shows the world that food without gluten needs to be an option.

The problem is not the fault of people who go without gluten for a while and decide it wasn’t for them. Or that celeb who has decided gluten suck and without it they will loose weight. (FYI don’t go gluten free for weight loss but going gluten free will make you watch what you eat, everything you eat, which often results in weight loss but for many people you gain weight because food is no longer making you sick!)

The people you should be mad at are Domino’s who makes a gluten free pizza that is not celiac safe.

Or the chef from Colorado who told people they were eating gluten free pasta and and instead gave them high gluten pasta.

And this guy who sold bread to customers knowing it contained gluten.

Don’t villainize someone who is actually trying to feel better for going gluten free that is just as bad as the guys who lie and give us gluten anyway.

I have a standard thing when someone asks me why I am gluten free. I say, have you ever had food poisoning? its like that with arthritis and sleep deprivation all at the same time. For anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks.  I get sick from touching a piece of bread and not washing my hands and then eating something. So taking that piece of toast off my plate won’t work.  Taking the salad back and removing the croutons, not going to cut it.

So please remember, you do not know why someone is gluten free, they may not really be allergic but that does not make them less than you.  There is one thing I have learned in my many years on this planet is that beating someone down never ever ends well. Try and be kind, treat them like you want to be treated and stop saying you don’t have it as hard as I do, because you never know what battle they are fighting. Life is too damn short to pick on other people for any reason.

p.s. I am not saying Gluten Dude (who has some awesome posts),  or anyone in particular is guilty of this but it does happen.



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