Lemon Ricotta Crepe

Gluten free Lemon Ricotta Crepe filling

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Lemon Ricotta Crepe filling

Lemon Ricotta Crepe

Lemon Ricotta Crepe

One of my families favorite things is Crepes. If I would take the time to make them they would eat them every day! Today, we had company so I decided it was a good day to get up and make some Crepes. One of my guests LOVES lemon. I thought about what goes well with lemon and remembered I had ricotta and cream cheese in the house. So Lemon Ricotta Crepes were born.

I topped it with a fresh plum compote and it was a huge hit! My guest are off to their next adventure but they went with a full tummy and smiles. I hope this recipe makes you smile too!

Lemon Ricotta Crepe filling

Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time:  –
Total Time: 10
Serves: 8ish (filling for 25 crepes)


15 Oz Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese
8 Oz Cream cheese (not whipped)
1 Medium lemon
Approx 6 tablespoons powdered sugar (to taste)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (if you are gluten free make sure this is gluten free)


Mixing bowl medium large (or the bowl that works with your mixer)
Mixer or sturdy wooden spoon
Microplane or zesting tool
Tablespoon and teaspoon measures


Zest and juice lemon in to the mixing bowl add remaining ingredients except the powdered sugar ingredients

Whip the heck out of them.
When everything is nice and smooth add the sugar a tablespoon at a time; tasting after each one.
It is done when you are happy with the taste.

To fill crepes, take a large spoon full and spread over the inside of the crepe and roll to close.

You can serve this with a fruit compote (like the one in the picture) or topped with powdered sugar.

The recipe for the crepes is here.

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