Full Moon Minion Monday

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The Power of the Full Moon


The power of the moon is strong, it controls the tides gravity and most of all our moods. I never have to track a full moon anymore. You see a couple days before a full moon (sometimes even a week) he starts to go into meltdown mode. Everything becomes a little harder, he is frustrated by things that wouldn’t otherwise bother him. Sometimes I catch it right away, sometimes (like this week) I am a bit slower.*

You are probably wondering what I mean by “a little harder”. Well here is what happens, let’s say the net is a bit slow, his video lags or even worse won’t load. What he does normally is to tell me it is not working and ask me to reset it. During a full moon, he hits the mouse against the mouse pad, screams at the computer that it’s not working then bangs his fist against the desk.  Each morning he makes himself a bagel, he uses the bagel cutter to cut it, toasts it then butters and adds cheese, sometimes the bagel cutter doesn’t cut quite straight. Non-full moon? not an issue, he doesn’t even notice. During the full moon cycle, he will have a fit and throw the bagel in the trash and start again. The list goes on, too much toothpaste, the color of a straw, a plate or even the cheese breaking before he puts it on the bagel. Any little thing that can go wrong will result in anger frustration and often tears. I feel so bad for him, he is so sweet and tries so hard! He can do so many things himself now. During a full moon I want to help him more, instead I just end up holding him more. I work to make things go smoothly and when I can’t I try harder to distract him when I can. I have been asked why I don’t try and punish him for this behavior. That is simple, because not only does he not realize he is doing it, he doesn’t mean to. He is not acting out or lashing out for attention. Also, because I know these things punishing him for it would make me a jerk.

Oh and for all you new parents out there, it took me about 3 years of full moons to realize the correlation, so don’t beat yourself up over things like this. Many parents find it helpful to keep a log of meltdowns and make notes of things going on around that time to find patterns and maybe even figure out how to prevent a good portion of them. Remember also no matter what the doctors, therapist and teachers say NO ONE knows your child better than you. So stay strong and pay attention, if you think something is wrong it is probably is, so don’t give up until you make it right.

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*I blame pneumonia for being slow this month. This past month has been interesting. Just before the last full moon I got a cold. Since I have celiac as well as asthma getting over anything takes a while even something as simple as a cold. So when 3 weeks later I was still unable to breathe, it had gotten to the point where every single breath hurt and I had to have a cough drop in my mouth to prevent coughing. I had been through so many bottles of cough meds I think I could have built a dog house out of them. I saw a doctor, she said I have pneumonia. I saw the x-ray, I had to agree, it looked pretty bad.  This full moon I can take a deep breath and only have to have cough drops about 5x a day. Today I even made it up the stairs without coughing! I am finally on the mend.





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