Sometimes you think outside the box some times you just climb in and think.

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A little note. We live in a very very small town. 1700 people small. The school district here can barely handle the non-autism kids they have most days, Don’t get me wrong they do a decent job with what little they are given.

Okay now that your armed with that information, and if you read the previous post . You know Zach has autism.  He is a wonderful, smart, loving little boy and his particular autism is now mostly just speech related, mostly. He has one other thing that many other autistic kids have, he can go into sensory overload faster than you can turn around. Some days are better than others. Traditional class rooms do not do well with this. If Zach were to go into his exuberant display of frustration, this would disrupt class. Even if he were in a class with other kids who have similar issues (no two kids are alike; even autistic kids) this would be a massive issue. To get past these he needs a quiet place to stem. Also, not really possible in a traditional classroom. In a small school district with even less resources it would be impossible. So we homeschool Zach. Most days I think he learns more without anyones help. He is brilliant, learns so quick! This was not always the case. When he was little he lost words and a constant stream of teach and regress. Then we found a reason (autism) and an amazing teacher Julie at Speech TX. Actually she is more than amazing it is more like an angel descended from speech teacher nirvana. She teaches me as much as she teaches him. I am there for almost every session (I have missed maybe 5 in all these years) For the last 6 years with her help he has progressed to the point where he rarely regresses; in fact now he thrives! 5 years ago he was not potty trained, in fact I doubted he would ever even be potty trained. Today during speech he actually turned and said “I need to go potty.”  It has been a long path from there to here but worth every single minute.  I hope to keep posting and sharing our stories. Maybe to help some of you or maybe one day Zach will read this and know how very far he has come.

Thinking inside the box

In between lessons some times you need a minute or two to decompress he did this in the box, so he decompressed but compressing. Hehe!

Thanks for reading this.  Feel free to share your stories in the comments!

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