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Minion Monday – The thoughts that went through my head.

A couple of months ago I woke up with shortness of breath and chest pain, I asked my husband to take me to the emergency room. They were amazing, they rushed me back and started tests, soon realized I wasn’t having a heart attack but I was in afib (irregular heartbeat) with an asthma attack. For several days while doctors did different tests, tried various drugs and then ended up having to shock my heart back into rhythm. I was okay for a couple of weeks then it happened again…

Minion Monday – Peace

This is typical of many special needs individuals. They just want to love and be loved in return. I wonder sometimes if they are not our next evolution? They have already realized how much better life can be if you let it. Maybe what the world needs isn’t more beautiful people but more beautiful souls.

Minion Monday – The Eye of the Storm

The eye of the storm

I am the eye of the storm

The calm after your rage

I slowly find my way

Through tears, anger and screams

I wrap you in my arms and calm your fears

Take away the anger

Dry the tears

Whisper in response to your screams

Stilling the hurricane of pain

Helping you find breath

Showing you calm

Silencing the storm

Bringing peace

Holding the storm at bay

-Dawn Blum 2016

image via PINTREST

Minion Monday – So I Sang

For a while now I have been fighting to breathe, I would write it off as allergies, asthma or both. I ignored it. There were things I shouldn’t have ignored, aside from being short of breath, I was also having random tingling, burning in muscles like when you work out too hard. I ignored it because other things needed to happen first, things like dishes, dinner, laundry, and bills. I put off taking care of me to keep the lights on, get the house painted…

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