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I am Dawn, I live in rural Texas with 4 boys, 4 cats and a few fish! The boys range in age from 11- 20 something. (telling more makes me feel old) The “baby” was diagnosed with Autism at age 5. I have been gluten free for just over 3 years and it was one of the best choices I ever made.

You can find me on Facebook,  Pintrest and Twitter

My passions are my boys, food, laughter, reading, teaching and games!

Oriental art (woodblock preferred), Steampunk (no you can’t paint it to look brass and slap a few gears on it), Tree-houses  and amazing doors. I would rather make anything than buy things. And I am a Browncoat.

I love music, and read pretty much all the time!


There… now it really sounds like a dating profile. hehe.

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