Minion Monday and puberty

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Minion Monday


Embrace the beard?

It is Minion Monday yet again.
Today I want to share a fear of mine.

I want to tell you all I am scared to death of PUBERTY.
I have 5 boys, 2 have made it through and we all managed to live. 2 more are going through it now,
One with grace, one.. not so much.

The baby will be 12 in August.
He has autism.
I am scared to death.
Puberty can be really bad, it can be not so bad. I can deal, I know we will make it through this but I am still scared.
How do you deal with puberty in a boy who couldn’t even potty train until he was 8?

So today, I ask, have any of you been through this? Any tips on how to survive would be appreciated!

Also, his sensory will make shaving.. interesting!

Maybe we just just embrace the beard!


Embrace the beard?

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