11 Things you should never say to anyone!

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The Autism news posted and article on twitter called “15 Things you should never say to a special needs parent”.

I know for a fact how badly some of these can hurt, but mostly they just make you want to give them Lori’s (of I’m Bob) Stank face.

I love the Stank face. I just never have the nerve to use it.

I love the Stank face. Thanks Lori!










Ones I have actually heard.

  1. “He looks so normal.”   – My response, “So did you, but then you spoke.”
  2. “He doesn’t look like he has autism.”- My response, “Oh? What does Autism look like?” they usually follow this with a long description of some who they think had autism and in fact had something else like Down’s syndrome.
  3. “Is it genetic?” – My response, “Yes it is” but what I hear with your question is  you should have known better this is all your fault (I already feel like it my fault; so thanks for pointing it out!)
  4. “He will grow out of it.” – My response, “No, He will hopefully get better at taking care of himself and maybe even able to provide for himself but no he will never out grow it.”
  5. “My distant relative (who I have not seen since he was 2) has autism and he is just fine!”  My response, “Autism like manners is different for every one. Some people learn them as they grow and some people just never get it.” (followed by the stank face again)
  6. “Have you tried this new fad thing (that in 5 years will not only not prove helpful but will probably end up giving him cancer) – My response, ” Sorry I have not, I will read up on it” What I  want to say “Hell no because my child is a child not a guinea pig, I adore him, and I don’t want to harm him with something a quack thinks might help.
  7. “God won’t give you anything you can’t handle” – My response, “I know I am blessed” What I want to say “Um, sure tell me that next time he is having a melt down and all I want to do is sit with him and cry too.”
  8. “How do you do it?” – My response  “Simple, I love my kids and do my best. JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER PARENT.”
  9. “I can’t believe you give/or don’t give him (insert med name here)” – My response, “He is a child not a guinea pig.” Okay, I really don’t say that I usually just give them the Stank face and change the subject.
  10. “What is his special talent” – My response ” To dive me nuts every single day and still make me want to kiss him goodnight” Really, what are they thinking here, that every autistic kid is like Rain man? really?? (insert stank face again)
  11. “He is not autistic he is just (insert rude remark of your choice, like spoiled, lazy, ill mannered and my favorite stupid”) – My response is to pick you my child, shoot them the stank face, and leave. Otherwise, I will require bail.

What are the worst questions you have had to field?




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