Minion Monday – New Experienced Parents

I wish I had fought more...

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super minon

Minion Monday – To all the Dads – Stay

You have to STAY part of their lives, always.

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chatty minion

Minion Monday – “I am fine.”

I am grateful for his words. There have been so…

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Minion Monday – I won’t give up

As I drove through the morning fog returning home today…

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hulk minion

Minion Monday – The Eye of the Storm

The eye of the storm I am the eye of…

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image via PINTREST

Minion Monday – So I Sang

For a while now I have been fighting to breathe,…

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Minion Monday – Pass the rum and kickstart my heart

I am sitting in a hospital bed fighting for breath,…

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Minion Monday – Don’t want to miss a thing

I heard this song before I saw the movie. When…

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Minion Monday – Always something there to remind me

3 am he was back. “Thump, thump, thump.” he came…

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Minion Monday – One Big Tribe

    “And I said, What about breakfast at Tiffany’s?…

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Minion Monday – Who will say goodnight?

Every night I tuck Zach into bed. He is 13,…

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Superman is Zach, Spiderman is Older Teen, Batman is C, Ironman is Younger Teen and Thor is M.

Sidekick not Superhero

I don’t talk about them often, because it makes them…

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happy autism awareness month

Minion Monday – Choose your Battles

Show them peace, show them love and help them understand…

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minions on the brain

Minion Monday – In Your Head

  I woke up this morning with this thought in…

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minions lost at sea

Minion Monday – Not So Lost Teen

Today I cried a little on the way to speech,…

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Minion Monday – Tired

Something has been on my mind lately, sleep, or lack…

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Minion supporting Autism Awareness and acceptance

More than Autism

He has brown hair, brown eyes and a constant smile.…

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someone I used to know

Minion Monday – Someone I Used to Know

"I was your friend. Then one day I wasn't. It…

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Minion Monday – Giving your all

The tiny human who gave you a new name, Mom,…

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Minion Monday – The love I miss

This morning I woke up from a dream, in this…

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